Yeah! First and foremost let me shoutout my favorite rapper in the world: Black Thought
He paved the way for a youngin' like myself. 100 Miles and Running. My name is Wale. Ehem

Where the rollers at? Looking at me
How I attack beats make them jump on it
To them niggas who think they might want it
I make a couple of calls and y'all goners
And I'm sick and so tired, they ain't official as I
That's why the bitches you like be straight stalking me
Straight moshing partna I ain't normal
I make a hater fall suit like a formal
I make a nigga part ways like a cornrow
I keep a nigga in the pocket like cargo
I bet a congo you gon' want a encore
And I don't keep bitches like lawnmowers
They make you lack green, and I mack like me
Never give cheese to the meese, mice
Mouse, rats, I show you where it's at
Flow like none, celibate rap
Flow like battery, never will adapt
Flow like zippo, so unmatched
Flow King Hippo leave 'em on the mat
Flow ten zero, you ain't never had this
Flow like Howard - something like Magic
Something like masturbating I'm orgasmic
I am well fed, them whack niggas fasting
Work like a slave so them haters backlashing
Niggas so roots you think I was juicing
Jordan was cool but I'm on that Mark Cuban
Money like Moon it don't ever leave the pocket
Hoes talk money then we finna stop talking
I am an archaeological problem
Bag any bitch then I bone like fossil
Sorta like Nasir, something like Carter
Something like Marshall and Black Thought balled up
Fuck rap I'm an ill ass poet
Chill up spines when a nigga start to go in
Make them fly girls hot so they adamant on blowing
You niggas ain't fly y'all late like Conan
I'm on that dope shit, words worth more than money
I work like a slave slave til I'm stuntin'
So I'll be the Kunta the Toby of the booth
They tell me keep it coming motherfucker I'm the truth
Sojourner the poem is the ointment that lays
Of the chaise and the scars of the orchards
Cordially yours, I speak for the voiceless
Voiceless environment is speaks with the noises
Sound of the siren rebirth the mic with the livest
Light to the blind give them slight niggas sightless
Sorta like a domain name with no page to purge
Much as I urge, I can't save you girl
Ho's will slow a nigga
Down so know I vow never to go with her
Mics I cold kill em, Nike 450
I been getting busy since Back was hitting Skillet
I'm chillin I'm good I'm so comfy
Nigga is unsigned, fans out of the country
The man out in Canada, plans to expand my, fanbase
I might move there, they got a better healthcare
I make that government cheese like welfare
You niggas out of your league like Telfair
You could tell Ferris Bueller I'm cooler
Flyest of the students and I don't see Mr. Rooney
I'm Parker Lewis I ain't ever gonna stop
D Dubs on the West so we synchronize watches
And I got it, homes so got it
Whores adore me so they niggas try to knock it
Listen to y'all flow, them niggas ji mocking
Dog, they say my style is similar to a stock tip
Cause if you watch it and use what you learn
And produce to the world you'll look super important
The biggest star in the city next to Portis
Or Arenas you would think I'm on my sports shit
I'm out in South West shoutout to 106
Some niggas hating on me like they don't wanna live
I got a lot of fans, I got a couple haters
She got a lot of friends, she better cuff em baby
I got a lot of game I got a little talk
A little pimp stroll that make a bigger walk
So what this hitting for? Just let it hit 4
5 mil maybe more 'fore I'm 24
I mean the money cool but I ain't in it for it
It's Hip Hop on 'roids nigga get involved
I mean they spittin false, they ripping niggas off
I make the track bleed, they got menopause
You niggas rap? Please, we ain't feeling y'all
They say I rap iodide I am in-salt-ing
And I'm far from a King
The King of DC? Um Big G
What up Slim Charles? That's my big brah
I'm at the Back show sipping a big bra
That's that old cup had the hoes so stuck
Pop bottles every once and while that Rosé
Wale Hundred Miles and Running
Giving them hip hop to anybody that want it
Something from Commonwealth that's when I'm not in a Hundred
If I'm not in the money I'm digging me out a youngin'
Lyrically under thunder the puma I encompass
The room full of club promoters selling my number

That's work
That's work
That's work
That's work with it
Work with it
Work with it
Work it out