The voices in my head man
Didn't do the back to back like that
Metro Booming, I promise they they've never ever had a studio session like we got right now
The check is in the mail

[Chorus - Wale:]
Voices in my head
They make me think larger
Make me reach lower to find out what I got left
Voices in my head
They make me go harder
Make me think sharper, younging but I'm wiser
Voices in my head
They make me dream higher
Maybe I can realize all I desire
Voices in my head
It never goes quiet
Sometimes it's so crowded it feel like it's a choir
Playing in my head
Voices in my head
Voices in my head
Playing in my head

[Verse - Wale:]
This one for the people told me stop dreaming
Wake up in the morning and I start thinking
This the type of thing that make you wanna be great
All of the things that I achieved but you never seen yet
My solitary gold is perfection
I got a couple girls in my section
Sometimes I be around in the physical
But literally mentally I'm finished
I'm cooler than my style
Metro Booming and
Palooza last night, wonder how we made it out
And everyday loud and everyday I work
The Sprite green Wraith, yo bae I'm paying no thirst

[Bridge - Wale:]
I got these voices in my head alright
I hear these voices in my head all night
I got some voices in my head for real, seeder
The voices by the brain getting louder and louder