Ugh, I don't really write love songs or nothing
Is this thing on?

[Hook - Dino:]
She hella turnt up tonight
Dancing around, got her head down
Girl I'm leaving with you tonight
What I'm hearing is she get around
I can't pretend, shawty got my attention
From what I hear, that girl be holding ya down
Swear she a 10, in case I forgot to mention
When she's with me, how can I ever look down?

[Hook - Wale:]
Aye look, I need ya hold it down
I just wanna fuck
I need ya hold it, hold it down
All night long, wooahh

[Verse 1 - Wale:]
Ms. Heartbreaker Rumpshaker
That's right baby could you bust it open?
Like a token, making change with the moneymaker
Agh, let's get it

Givenchy, no tall tee, just long J's yeaa
And I praise you for your long days
Is that weave? She won't say, she just "Heyyyy"
Get it girl, get it girl
I'm tryna to see if you can take it like it isn't yours
Yea get it girl, I said get it girl
And I admit I got a million, but you fill the void
I'm just a nigga with fame, money, and paranoia
They be confused, is it me or my latest recording?
I guess we'll never know
I can tell that she dope
Just be forever loyal to me, I'm forever yours

[Hook - Dino]

[Hook - Wale]

[Verse 2 - Wale:]
A lot of niggas promise to give you the world
I'm just tryin' to give you knowledge I think you could flourish
Plus I know all the designers you probably be trying to buy
So I only use these dollars to iron and fold
Aye, would you ride with me without all this rhyme money?
And when this time ugly just keep a massage for me
And we gone fight probably, but swallow some pride for me
Know the hoes lying with me is probably lying to me
Hey get it girl, get me out the way
I hear the talking  not today
Said get get it girl, get me out the way
If you could do it like Beyonce