[Clip from Jerry Seinfeld:]
Because you said this would be better. Remember? A vacation from ourselves. That's what you said...I'm sorry, you've gotta get a job

Bammas is trippin'. Vacationin'
You see they way out they minds with no return ticket
This how here go
This how I hear it different
That's why I'm so annoyed
That's why I here whispers
Call me a product of my own damn hood
Since Nautica was popular than popular for good
Reason I'm good
Reason I stuck with the sound
I ain't playing like the rest who got free from it
I grew up on circuit boys and go-go music
A couple others but I feel they less important to me
The point is
It pointed
Me in the direction of my home grown noises
Of a artist I loved yet avoided
Imitating out-of-towners wasn't going well
And I ain't goin' well
I jive like Bone
Them fast songs was cool but never wrote to 'em
Only concern was the home that was close to him
Our style, our slang and our own music
If I could hone my tone I could blow too
So I phone Tony Craig, said we gonna do it
And that we did...

(Hey Dan was that alright? Damn smack everythin sound good, we gonna keep it... Next Verse)

A lot of rappers sound like a lot of rappers
Sound wise... or that style they puttin' out now
They puttin out the same blueprint
So pun... it's no new shit and it ain't no fun
It's no fundamentals it's one dimensional
One can mention one's self and it'd be too pretentious
And to pretend as if 2Pac is not these dudes' intentions
Pay attention if you should listen to his shit and they shit it's too convincing
As well as Chris-to-pher we miss ya
But every march ninth another twenty is with us
Clones... imitators known
For imitatin the off switch like I'm on top of my own
And they copy what's on
And copy what's hot until that goes cold
The one who breaks mold is that last to get on
But usually will last cause the last stick is on
And firm his beliefs... his heart made of stone
Opposers try to knock but harder he will go
Never can he mimic... maybe can admire
But never will he imitate another rap nigga
I am Wale and never can I vacate
Never can I straight face
Look at Wale and say you nothing but a biter
Not the enlightener or liaison to the niggas that's grindin
Niggas that's reading
Niggas that's learning
Niggas that's scheming
Niggas out Maryland
Niggas out DC
Niggas who ain't seen beef
To niggas in it knee deep who you think keep peace... me
And I'm free free free..

(Wale Folarin mixtape about nothing, but really I am saying something, y'all all bluffin... keep coming)

Even if I ever leave now
If I ever bleed DMV you can hear it when I speak
You can hear it in my lyrics
And even when you old and your hearing incoherent
You can feel it via spirit
Via my inheritance speakin as I did it
Via niggas rep spreading speeches through the city
The outskirts listen
The outskirts distribute my vision contributing to the buzz I position
The thugs say I'm cool
The cool say I'm thug
The mirror's screaming at me saying I'm Emmi Lola's son
I am not the only one
In the city where the Burns magazines say I'm in
I don't really give a fuck
DC lovin ya
I don't want it on my back
And they label me king... you can kindly take it back
I don't want no fucking crown
I don't need no fucking throne
See, the kings get killed very least overthrown
I'm a thorough ass nigga I don't need a nigga hold me
Even if I roll I'm a forever gon be home
See there no place better than the state of my mind
There's no time wasted and no vacations... Bitch..