10 deep
Swag-er. This is a mixtape about... nothing. Not on drugs
If you bear with me you might see the undertone
Of the undertoned message that's at hand at the you know that I'm talkin' bout? Yeah

Hmm, what's the deal with this rap stuff?
Since Napster the sales been crashin' and
Since Napster the game's been flooded by
Has-beens and never-will-be, ringtone rappers
Hmm, what's the deal with these ringtones?
Niggas buy ringers can't pay their bill though
Thus contributing to ongoing credit
Issues their issue's pathetic, please listen to me
Hmm, what's the deal with these issues?
Magazines who at times seem to misuse
My time with their half-witted reviews
And the blogger has their reviews in rear view
Because he made his decision
A month prior when it, leak on the Inter-net
So now the net sales quivers
The record sold slips and the drop is now immi-nent
What's the deal with the Nets though
Like being in the east ain't enough hell for 'em
Two Carters
I thought it'd get better but
They're getting rid of Kidd, like a miscarriage
Hmm, what's the deal with the DMV?
Niggas is unifying as we speak
And as we speak niggas hatin' me
While they hate me
They sendin' beats for a fuckin' feature
Hmm, yeah, and what's the deal with these rap features?
Half-witted rappers should of stuck to grass pushin'
I'm glad pushin' that envelope, it's mad open
It shows I know a bit
And, what's the deal with Rasputia?
I mean Eddie Murphy, swang, gettin' married
He got a wife, ex-wife, and a baby mother
In the same year
But I ain't judgin'
Hmm, what's the deal with these niggas judgin'?
I moved from DC in 1990-somethin'
I got a number one spot who gon' take it from me?
And I ain't never left
That's why I'm makin' money
Hmm, what's the deal with makin' money?
And why black niggas can't get enough of it?
But too much gets you viewed in the news youngin'
For shootin' done to you or we're losin' money
Shoot young and what's the deal with these little youngin's?
And True Religions make your butt look ugly youngin'
Let me put you on the joke, I'll put you on the frank
And tell me what you is, can't tell me what you ain't
I can tell you that this tape
Collection of freestyles that I just want to make
And not a single feature except Lil Wayne
Cause everybody else did it I had to save face
And if you love substance you'll love Wale
But most niggas love nothin' so I made this tape
Get it?
Most niggas love nothin' so I made this tape