I got that better love that no one better love
That here today and gone tomorrow but this forever love
Lemme mind you til your vagina is wet enough
And fill your mind with pleasant thoughts of champagne by ya tub.
Rose petals as you walk. you know the floor don't need ta see ya.
I got that good stroke come be my mona lisa.
Ya see them other guys pay they mind to your physical features
And I can admire ya body but ya mind is much deepa
And I found me a keepa
And I found me a winner.
And I found me a queen. what we eatin for dinner?
U know I cook it and clean it and do wateva for ya.
Black motha of the earth you kno I forever owe ya
I will never ignore ya cuz I'm foreva loyal
Lets fall in love lemme put my seed in ya soil
See it'd be a honor to create life wit ya
Can I lay right wit ya?
And wake you up wit light kisses?
Goodmorning sunshine see the more I see ya eyes is the more that I admire ya.
Whenever you tired I be right there beside the pillow talk and confide
Make ya secrets all mine may I sleep between ya thighs and wake up deeply in
Ur heart in your mind for foreva and repeat when we get up?
I ain't even gon front girl I think you is the one
So lets fall asleep with the moon and I will greet you with the sun


That scurry love, never get married love.
I got that fuck you and make you love me temporary love
I just pick and roll these hoes
I don't even know these hoes
I cut em first cut em deep I fuckn sheryl crow these hoes.
Have that pussy like some water hose.
And I'ma need to cum first yea yall turn be optional
Modify your posture hoe mothafuck a casa no you cant see mi casa
We gon rock at this econolodge
U know I'm stickin to that proper code.
Strapped up lock and load
Go stiff that condom broke. 
I ain't no baby father hoe, fuck that baby father shit.
I don't respect no brain unless we talkin that saliva spit
Hoe I got a lot of bread lot of whips lot of chicks
U can be demolished and be gone without acknowledgement.
This is how it gotta be this is how I gotta live I don't care about your drive unless you talkn ridin dick.
U is just a groupie bitch and groupie bitch know I am sick,
I am sick of women treatin men like that lotto ticket
My shit ain't no scratch and win.
U just tryna get over so baby get over..here and get it open get it open get it open get it open...