They say love is the slowest form of suicide
The fluid on my eye falling while I do the rhyme
I try to be the guy, you think about
Every night when your eyelids cover eyes
Cause I'm going "I'm" rather than on "us"
Maybe I'm on lust well you deserve love
Baby, just come close, let me play in your hair
It's been a half a year, I say we take it there
I'm trying to take you where nobody going to pay you, kid
It's been a weekend, five starrin' in her underwear
Room service, the moon been worthless once apparent to your aura
And not to be a freak girl, you deserve oral
And you deserve the Earth and the materials on it
Material girls can't call you, cause you deserve all from the honor
The all from the heart of the person that's talking
I pray that that's me, but I gotta be honest
I gotta be a man, before I can become a father
I gotta tell you that my love is true
I know I still got a lot of growing up to do

You say my love was gonna work from a upper
Blood been rushing, I'm thinking 'bout loving
Highest form of affection, physical connection
You just see a nigga with an erection, next to ya'
And I don't blame you, cause game gets swang like it ain't shit
So for me to say it is, then you take it
As many grains of salt as bacon
But we don't do swine, salaam alaikum
Separate us, from what Jay brought
I'm trying to grow for you, if you can take love
Some say, "uh, if Mr. Right come,"
And "its not the right time, its the right's done"
I'll be the right if you'll be the wife
And I'll be ya like, Common did over Dilla
Cause I feel its right
 with the feeling right
Let me enter your life, lady we can spill our rice
I ain't talking a night, I am talking tonight
You hear that Sade, shh no more talking alright
I got the incense, I got the candles
Its love at its peak, I'm feeding you orgasms
I am more grown man than I have been, she said "not tonight"
I ain't that then

Never been convinced on commitment
Pussy I be, swangin', soulman conditioned
Girl listen, trying to position
Myself as a prominent figure
Father like "I know whats right for ya'"
Sister like "I know what to buy for ya'"
Brother like "at times I might fight with ya'"
But Mother like "never can deny my lovin'"
Best friend, girl friend, and my good cousin
God willing I'll proceed to a good husband
Look over your shoulder, I am a man now
I'm fully grown and the future can be planned out
And panned out, I'm all in love
With wishing from a dream, I am so grew up
I am so grew up
Grown man babe

And there you have it
You can have it you wanna have it
I wanna make having it a habit understand what I'm saying?
Say a grown man can separate lust from love
I don't think with the lower I think with the upper
If I'mma love you I'mma love you