I wanted several MCs to this joint
But I do what I must to prove I'm much
Better than who so ever protool'd this joint
The pro tool calling for those dudes love
Standard stanzas
Staying on the track like Gatlin
Prior to the bad quick fast to
Zoom like Boosie, higher than Bootsy
Get'em inspired with the spiral loose leaf
Mind like a pryo
I'm so Dhalsimand Guile, though gals what guides me to do me
I do me, I'm playing myself in this movie
Autobioaug' but it's brought up by y'all
They pressed for their ice, Oksana Baiul
Stunting 'round here that is not the right move
They don't care about me, what would they care about you?
Yea, ain't really on jewels
Stunna I am getting silly with the shoes
Look at my room, ain't got no more room
10k on OGs, bitches need their own room
Your girl love me, I'm at home in her womb
A girl on her, bitch, get your own room
Give a nigga room, show you niggas my dues
Rique got buildings you niggas own rooms
Ima move fresh, yea, I know what I do
Ima move fresher than the first day of school
First day of school teacher couldn't say my name
Now I got the whole nation screaming "WALE"
Yea, and I thank my connect
Not the link to it I'm thinking the internet
MySpace, Facebook, don't forget Map Quest
The MacBook Pro every time I chat
I mac like pro, they forgot I rap
While you just wrap them up like clothes iWrap
To a girl in Iraq, straight G I'm that
And ain't never going to leave like the troops in Iraq
Yea, and I'm all but the oil to em
Holmes do it flows hotter than a boiler room
Flow something like a sauna wearing corduroys
I am the ever fresh, you niggas quater waters
Niggas on it from written house to serving quarters
Wale, the miracle, I'm on every corner
Whether like it or not, I inspire them all
Haters what is you saying?
Would you like me to stop?
Would you like me to not be this entirely high?
I inspire the pots cooking from bottom to top
I inspire the pot smokers to pick a new high
Goofy footing and kickflipping our grind is alike
Just minus the lifestyle, I'll fall in a lie
With such traction my rap is taking them all
Yea, It's taking too long, I am making it hard
I makes a lot of sense like I paid for the malls
I'ont be in the mall
Yea I'll be in tomorrow
Wife cool yea I got it K-Kid Couture
Nikes shoes, 3 Gs, ain't seen in the store
Y'all dudes rap like you're reading The Source
Wale rap like he re-did The Source
I'm the reason the atheist can scream for the Lord
The second blessing, no second guessing
You niggas in the closet like priest at confession
Words touch youths like priests, I'm confessing
Niggas out the league like Priest when I'm rushing
Chiefin' on something, Ed Reed I'm running
Then receive and run it like I'm reverse running
Compress y'all paper, and reverb money
Ad-lib checks in the bank, holmes, no frontin'
And when you're this high everything is stunting
Although I'm this tired, don't sleep on nothing
And when you're this fly y'all wings don't come off
Think that I'd come off for soft jo c'mon
Saw part they jaw til their jawbone come off
Hold my bonds, they are Mark, I am Bonds
They are Ecko to Perry, I met your celebrity
The best of the women 'round here none carry me
Smart nigga brainpower this is work jo
I forever Pernell a nigga with my Whitaker
Wale overseas like my misses' purse
She live being coast, nigga, I ain't gotta boast
And I'ont need no street sweeper cause I be with Bo
And he'ont need no heat either, he from Ardmore
Yea, and that's A Town down
Bitches see it faster than that Akon child
The cops move slower than the R.Kell trial
An architect, putting my hoods down
DMV bandwagon here now, like Alvin from The Program
We in the House-House-House
I'm Omar Epp'n it
Folarin and it don't question it
Work like a mexican, original, professional
You're 16-bit, nigga, you are so Genesis
And I'm buzzing like Jena Six
Meanwhile young Folarin on that Todd Smith
Yea, yea, yea I'm the house-house-house

Lito baby