Back in the gold gold
Back in the cold ?
That fly shit I've been on
Come on

Meet the one and only
Yeah homie, I'm Thelonious
Blowing, pause, no trumpet I'm on
Faux pas never
And so far clever
They hating on a younging
Get you X like cars
XL no, I was on world tour
And when I touch back
Who you thinking they call
Yeah, still high two-steppin' it
Do it for the capital
Wale Ovechkin
SB hundreds
Yes dear, I'm on that venison
More or less Lindros
Flyer than the rest of them
Mind my intentions
They ain't nothing similar
Sideways, talk 'em at you neck like Zindy
Flash, I be on
Your highness
Then I might get my underground king on
DC hip-hop, get my U Street on
Cops actin' funny
See, they get they blue streak on
DMV, we gone

[Bun B:]
It's Bun B
The  zone
PA's trillest, chilling in my PA zone
I heard 'em try to say that PA's gone
You heard wrong, motherfucker
Cause PA's home
And on the real, we never left
Like the right of way
Serving and swerving
From dusk to first light of day
You got that good, player
Light away
Don't care if we gonna ride and sip
And smoke a whole night away
And I don't lite a J
I fire up the ass end
Of the blunt, take a hit
And get to passin'
You wanna hit it, no
Don't even get to askin'
Cause it's a close circle
Don't try to jump your ass in
You need more weight to leverage
I lay you down, you ain't getting up
Unless was giving?
I CD like the District of Columbia flipped
So I'm really hoping that none of you trip
Because I'm

[Pusha T:]
Back in the gold gold
Look at the showboat
Leaves is cocoa
Comin' by the boatload
Chains, promo
Playclothes logo
I'm Linux out of belly
You see me walking in slow-mo
Or hopping into something with some low-pros
Up and down with the roof
The top is like a yo-yo
The makings of a mogul
I'm up and down with the price
The corner's playing pogo
Who fucking with the mojo, no show
Without the red nose
I see the clown in you Bozos
Pusha pitch it like he Nomo
Striking them switch hitters
Dodging popo
DMV's fo sho, though
Throw dough
Baby, we can treat Chevy Chase like little Soho
Spend a day filming through findy hobos
Reap the benefits and rewards
Of how I'm blow dough