Girls... Love the things they know
Love the things they show
Have to be where they go
Pretty girls... the sunshine in the hair
Perfume in the air... girls are everywhere

[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
Pretty girl, pretty girl, let that lady crowd follow
I know you got a man, but your body I can borrow
And baby girl a model, I'm callin her tomorrow
And we driving from VA to DC up in my Gelato
Make it clap, it's your time at the Apollo
Paper planes, so my brain stay on auto
Shorty's mind right so she study Aristotle
Leonardo DaVinci, you's a perfect Picasso
Shorty what you say? I'm looking for a plus size model
Leaving this club, 'bout to have a 
Cause I can, I can give you what you need
Photo shoot with me
Pretty girls... Smile so beautiful
From your hands to your cuticles
So what you waitin on? You the bad chick they hatin on
You're the only one I'm takin home

Pretty Girls, I ask em do they smoke?
Ask em what do they know?
Ask em can we go? Pretty girls...
Sunshine in the air, perfume everywhere
Girls are everywhere

[Verse 2: Wale]
A lime to a lemon... I got 'em all in it
I like 'em all shades, all races, all figures
Dig it... you know I got a plethora of women
But I'm try'na find a sister with the measurements of Nikki
Yea, she don't even gotta ask much
She my little dancer, she don't need a fafsa
Brain so good, messed around and got a bachelor
Call me Tiger Woods, I'll be back for my masterszzz
The pretty girls make it happen
All the ugly girls, why the hell is y'all clappin?
Velcro love for the night, no strings
Let me see you twitter shorty, I can make you stream
Cool beans, I be out the college
She play her red and white shorty lemme see your diamonds
Lemme just remind ya, I cannot help
I gotta pink and green girl... she don't even fly Delta

[Verse 3: Fabolous]
You see I be more fly than b.w.I.
To all the pretty girls, just be clubbin with I
Last night I had so much free bubbly that I...
Let one suck me and she caught a d.w.I.
Say ahhh... found out she a swallower
Twitter name, miss brain, you might wanna follow her
Met her out in D.C. homecoming, Howard U.
Told her I'm the sickest nigga 'round and "How are you? "
My name Loso in case you didn't know so
They say I'm on some bull shit... call it Derek Rose mode
If you put it that way, okay, I suppose so
We ballin over here. Welcome to the Rose Bowl
Just got the new Penny's, they look rose gold
Like a hooker in the winter... them hoes cold
Pretty girls raise ya hand and let me see ya
Style keep shittin on em, call it flyarrhea... illlll