Can I ask you, if you won all the money, what would you do with it?"
Bunch of hookers and cocaine

Shine young nigga. I mean that respectfully too
What would you do with it? That bag!

Nigga came from so far
Had the game for so long
Never played by a broad
But she playing my song

Whip game so strong
Money could be longer
If a nigga asked me how
I'd spend a billion dollars
I'd say I

Blow the shit in one day hoe! 
Bank teller, don't wait for it

Blow the shit in one day hoe! 
Bank teller, don't wait for it

First I give my momma half
Then I give my partners half
My partners always out that trap
So I'm probably making all that back

Now I'm back with all that cash
Calling Vince McMahon to push my man
I'm too busy out her bucking girls
I don't go the time to buck no mash

By God, I'm a bring back Jerry Ross
I'm a take a million homeless to the mall
I'm a tell Big Ted if you get a second
We can have a Wizard game out in berry farm
I'm a make Snapper Jones go on First Take
I'm a go in on Skip and Steven A
Was out copping a house
You know I'm on the way
And taking every pretty girl on a dinner date
Real nigga demonstrate
Getting real estate
And I won't fatigue on this rap shit either
I still do a feature for 80k
Whoop whoop
Hope the police feel a way
No bribe, bring em high but don't gotta think
No lie, but the money don't change my cause
And Tamir Rice name might be the street name
Lord, pray my niggas straight
Hope every nice nigga get their own label
Put the double xl back on everybody shelf
And pray to God that the internet will go away
Shine on em