Mama always told me I’d be famous
Fame is a drug I knew that before Jay said that
Hate’s in their blood, I see it in their eyes
They leave me with no choice, I leave them with no life
They ain’t got no life ‘cause they always on mine
I’m on these niggas mind like lice
Insightfully write that right so keep your parasites paralyzed
Anti-bacterial, the stereo is sterilized
Word to lethargy hardly will I ever lie
Don’t got the head for it, don’t got the bed for it
And therefore if I wrote it they already know it
It set in stone in these poems there ain’t nothing bogus
If money talks then I’m Vic Damone (Woo!)
I’m Chris Tucker, fly like Snuka
A badass slam with a can like Smucker
Add me, take me, pay me it’s nothing
I said pay me it’s nothing
I said pay me it’s nothing
Add me, take you baby (yeah)
(pay me it’s nothing)
(it’s nothing)
(pay me it’s nothing)

Simply give me a beat, I guarantee I’ll make a hater move over
Listen, hold up,the young dude focused
I’m so potent, fly, fuck if you ain’t know it
Show me to the scoreboard, a million to the doughnut
Beat is my whore get get up on it like a boner
And I could see hits every time a nigga go in
Serve like the Open, word I am Federer
Discombobulate all my edible competitors
Stop meddling in grown folk BI
Y'all all gay at the very least b-i
A poor man’s Pac or a very cheap BI
A welfare version of Wale, I see y’all
‘Cause I insightfully rhyme, I give the sight to the blind
Put my plight in the verse, I bring ‘em closer to mine
The flow no one can challenge, lyrical acrobatics
My entendres be tumblin’ while you niggas lack balance
I am so much a pilot and my power unfathomable
To you broncos my bitches is stallions
Oh you mad ‘cause I’m stylin’ from the city of power
Where the weak are devoured every week, every hour
And it’s over for powder ‘cause they movin’ them pills
On that water like islands they ain’t swimmin’ you dig
I’m just playin’ the field, Ken Griffey you feel me
Meanin’ I don’t play ‘cause Wale is ill
Wale got skills, man my nigga I’m Will Smith
I give em a script, you bitch nigga's my children
Pursuin' my happiness, suitable rapper here
If you ain’t supporting it then I do it without you then
It’s me and my nigga there until I’m a millionaire
The heart of a lion but I’m a Tiger Wood look in there
See what I’m coming with, 100 and running it
If you ain’t subordinate then I order your punishment
The audience lovin’ him cuz most of them can relate
I lyrically elevate, they be callin’ me heavensake
Don’t stutter or hesitate, I plenish you featherweight
I’m stuntin’ the Ferragamo, I’m running that medal pace
Straighter than metal face; some niggas embrace me
My flow is Invisalign, they can’t retain me
Nigga I tranquilize a bucketful of crabs damn right
I made it out, this is for Kevin Liles, this is for L.A. Reid
I'm on my own now learned a little from Kenny B
I’m coming for everything, I’m blowin’ my celery
Them niggas lack bars like underground when their celly ring
Didn’t sign up for anything, I’m talking that Nelly G’s
Need another look Catchdubs propellin’ me
I fly em, I’m outta reachcause denim is everything
Indeed, the flow raw just the same as my Levi jeans
Fuck it, they shrink to fit
Beastin' up in my Tiffs
Yeah they hyped out but the bitches be lovin’ it
Fuck this shit
And I bit Jay-Z
What more can I say?! (hahaha)