Got the streets talking
Wanna swing on me
Do my thing, oh ya
You know the season long as shit
Got the seats on field
I'm the reason y'all here
Everybody talking
Feel like I'm Bryce Harper

I just got a place at, where the Nats play at
So I'm south side bound
Where that MLK at
I'm a legend, ya that
I'm a lion in the nat
Throw some Geo on the mound
But I can G hoes like I'm Matt
I'm a be all on her mind and I still bring it back
If I swing a little game
You ain't never catching that
And the Florida Brady
And my shoulder braided
You should bring your fans out
I be stealing bases
This that bible say shit
This that round the way shit
This that got work and Max Scherzer perfect game shit
You know they probably saying they see no correlation
But the bottom of a nine is where a lot of games end

I just got a place at, where the Nats play at
Feel like Dusty feel like Dusty Baker
Tell em fuck you, pay me
Tell em I don't do a lot
Maryland like Scott Van Pelt
Rest in peace to Stewart Scott
Booyah booyah boom shockalaka
Who want, who want, who want what
They gunna know my Jayson Werth
Left field verses worth a lot
Front Maybach yea that's the club
You know who that's Papelbon
See that's my teammate and I got love
And I still got his back for good
Loving every last hood
Wax and zay they on the yard
This ain't Stephen Strasburg
Your ass tech you off the squad
I'm in the post I'm in the source
I'm in the burbs I'm in the odd
Don't pitch no birds but off them words out that third I'm Escobar