Head out the window screaming Maybach!
One in a million, baby, I did it
From the city of straight gorillas, it made me a winner
I bought a new whip, like to rap about it
Only difference between me and those niggas is that I actually got it
Yeah, I live it large, I'm a living legend
They know my presence from Spice Berry to Seat Pleasant
Southside but takin' But never let her luggage
Levitatin' Hova, I'm smokin' a holy confetti
They'll never take me under, they'll never say we under
You bitches not believe, no longer up-and-coming
Smart 8's by the waist, got the broads runnin'
A lot of G's in the piece, nigga frozen tundra
And I ain't trippin' 'bout a rapper these days
Money quicker than Jamaican relays
With that said, I relay
Life about the joy or pain, word to Beverly Mays
Black diamonds in the watch, it's ok to be late

Look, man, I do this for my culture
To let him know what a nigga look like
When it was just a pen and notebook
Back when I had no one
Never live on our knees, nigga, please
Nobody back where they showed up
Oh, lord, that's why he pray for me
These niggas outta line, I heard they playing for keeps 
Well, I'm a self-made nigga, a well-paid nigga
So if a nigga need advice he can listen to me
I seen a nigga play the weapon leave a nigga deceased
Throwing nickels at the well but only changing my jeans
I ain't changing a thing maybe I'm part of the problem
I don' started a couple of parties where bodies were shot
Don' dissed some bitches had to carry some friends
Shit I've have been on my feeling but I got on a ten
I get over shit quick, under stand all my flaws, loyalty is a law
MMG Under God!

One Day, Just one day they gon' understand
this worn out heart of mine and subscribe to
this genuine article of mine
But never mind a brother you are do it as a
brother you love enough to correct.
The passion and the perfection over profession as I
religiously rep that double m shit
I pray for the poor, I pray for the rich
We gon' pray for these mentalities that only
contempt upon our salaries, chains and chicks
Shit, Imma pray for my enemies and Imma pray for my squad
By God its on us we gon for God twice as hard
For my cousin Bolu we real, free bugz free kano
Double M G though
Free Meek though!
Lets get it