"You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try your call again"

My side, my side 
Wale though, uh, look

Fuck the Beamers that money keep on bringin'
The funny thing is when you make it, you gon' keep it
They're smokin' K2 'round my way, them niggas crazy
Used to save the bitches now we all just save the babies
I met a dancer, met the president, the mayor
In just order in one day, now, how your day went?
And before Jeremy Scott, I wore all that Mossimo
Let you niggas it out, I'm off the Valentino
See you know I been trend-settin', my man picked the six up
And yeah I got a new bitch, and yeah she so vicous
My man keep , my man got the chopper
My meechy got the hol' up, but don't know what to call that
And lately I been feelin' feeling different
Like "I'll never be anything like any you niggas"
And kids say I'm celebrity, really?
No, I'm just another nigga that pen all his feelin's
Finesse and mover of rhythm

[Sample - Rochelle Jordan]

[Intercept Message:] "We're sorry"

[Victoria Monét:]
Promise me we good, love, I'm a have to pull up
Just so you don't go too far, no
I just want that good love, just like how we should love
Can't you feel my tears through the phone
I ain't losing you on Sunset
Flashing lights, those girls ain't 
I ain't losing you on Sunset
Hearts get broken I'll just fall apart

[Sample - Rochelle Jordan with Wale::]
Losing myself to find you
I am losing myself to find you
I am losing myself to find you
I am losing myself to find you

[Ad-Libs - Victoria Monét]

[Answering Machine:] "Next message"

[Answering Machine - Message 1:]
"Yo, what up Wale. It's Pete Davidson. Uh, I'm still tryna get you on SNL. Uh, don't be mad at me bro, but I'm in LA and I heard you have some sick parties going on, so I'm a come through!"

[Answering Machine - Message 2:]
"Wale, wassup? This Timbo the King. Wassup lil bruh, I see you out there workin' with my other brother, Pharrell. I see what y'all doin'. Yo, I gotta be a part of that. I'm a pull on you, you feel me? I gotta be apart of that Shine. Let's remind these niggas, you know what I'm sayin'? Show these niggas how DMV get it in, you know what I'm sayin'? Skateboard P, Timbo the King, Wale. That's it. Period. Shine."