They used to tell me I was destined to blow, young
I never knew the definition of what slow was
How could you slow when you 12 feeling grown up
Doing shit on your own but it's fact: you never know much
Life's a bitch I put my arm on her shoulder
Tell her I'm the realest and I whisper 'you go girl'
I embrace her, I never chase her
I make her chase me 'cuz of the way I taste her
Hmm, girl you finger licking wonderful
Bet I make you cum until a significant muscle pull
It's not a metaphor, this is Metal Gear on a swimming pool of Red Bull
You could get your head blown off
And I'm so bomb I should be thrown to a Moss
And I'm so gorgeous couldn't throw me in a Masque-rade, they'd rage, they'd say
Take off your mask boo, I gotta see your face!

[Talib Kweli:]
Yeah, ey yo Wal'
Tell 'em get to steppin'
They exhibiting signs of not being prepared

[Talib Kweli:]
Hey yo, the writer you admiring, conspiring like Rico
Say you making movies but you suck like the sequels
This a graphic novel we endorse super heroes
Ice cold, like my love is below, we so
Goddamn talented the balance is unequal
Survival with the peephole
Silence is lethal
So I'm louder than a motherfucker, heavy as a Pea Coat
Exposing the government like Operation Deep throat
See I'm exactly like phenomenons
And tighter than Michelle Obama's arms
So you should work it out, pull it out
Thank Gucci for their weapons, getting desperate
'Cuz the hood is dryer than a desert
We're the slum dog millionaires looking for any oil
And it's hot enough to make Danny Boyle
I walk many soils, cross many roads
Face covered with pantyhose
'Cuz I stole the show and got a standing O!

[Joell Ortiz:]
Since a youngin' ooh she played so hard to get
Your boy was bumming too that played a large part of it
She liked fly guys, those easily marketed as sex symbols
Not direct pimples on your forehead or struggling
When your check dwindles she need more bread and bubblings
What the rest did you could just snort heads up under them
My vestibule to keep her pocket filled with vegetables
You had to throw lead missiles
Not me, rather write to a hot beat
Then go outside and kick it like I learned from Miyagi
You ripping it Papi, is what she said when I spit it in the lobby
Off the head but I didn't get cocky
I drop it my  then made shorty's other niggas look sloppy
The bigger the hurdle was, then the bigger my hops be
Now this bitch, man she more than just got me
She puzzle me hard, like my album in so pick up a copy now