Blue moon, blue moon
There's a goddess living in you
Had to travel round the whole world
Got so many crews

Blue moon, blue moon
Will you illuminate and make moves
Will you illuminate for the world
Faith is in you

[Verse 1 - Phil Adè:]
Say that movement moving music oozing out my pores
Was the poorest, now suicide doors on the phantom
But that Porsche in my future
Future bottles of rosé, now I'm juiced up
Cruised up New York Avenue, me and Ralph in the sprinter
Festivals for lunchtime, club hoes for dinner
Bread winners, now we eating
Long way from sleeping at bus stops out
Long way from carrying that work on the China bus
Why the fuck you lying to us?
The shit you niggas talking is yards from the obvious
Beyonds want a bite of yas
But what's in this glove can turn this car to an army truck
Y'all don't want no part of us
Part of me feel like now I'm loosing myself
Ain't been sober in a week, I been abusing my health
Been wealthy, a heart born, a pocket like sand bred
EBM I finally made it, what you niggas made for?

[Post-Chorus - Wale:]
And they saw how I came up, girl
And they I saw how I change up, no
And they know they can't touch me
And they know they can't fuck with me

And they saw how I came up, girl
And they I saw how I change up, no
And you know they can't touch me
No, no, you can't fuck with me

[Verse 2 - Wale:]
How can I say to 'ya
She keep you at bay, you made her bay nigga
And back at Miami sure did this thang with 'ya
Because you got a perky set pain killer
And a flip a hyperbole
Burn this shit to a third degree
Everything thing here, woo!
I'm sipping, murdering everything, every girl that's in Maryland
Love me hate me, want to marry me
This shit change quick
Haters on my dick
Quit your bitching, the bigger bigger, fuck all opinions on
Call my haters brruh-rut-tut-tut, and leave them missing, yeah
Beat the message, won't kick my feet up till we is winning
All my people down, I should probably feed them anti-depressants

[Bridge 1 - Wale:]
From a capo to a boss, yeah
I'm a moon, you is just a star, oh
I won't lose what I work hard for
But it do weigh on my heart though

[Verse 3 - Wale:]
I was modest and ignored
So I called up, Mister Flawless to filled the void
Now, I got these diamonds on
I guess that will remind him who the man is
Everything fine when your chain glow
But you can't build no dynasty, unless your rings show, ya
Cole world, word to Germaine
Rest in peace to boo, ya we both knew
He was a boxer, me I talk with a lot of moxy
And when he past I put his passion in my body
Catch a body, anybody, in my armies
That be all more... right beside me

[Bridge 2 - Wale:]
Big moves because they'll come through
So I do this shit for my fam and also my crew
Who the fuck is you