Soon as the door closes
The story's over for us
My insecurities and worries shall be no longer
So hold back ya tears
I'm walking to that cab
These bags fully packed but baby I gotta ask
Is it something you seen in him that you ain't see in me
Just for my sanity baby right now you need to speak
I need some reasons see cause it's some creatures growing deep inside of my heart right now
I need to free them
Was it me?
Did I not love enough?
I'm sure you not about to tell me you ain't cum enough
I wouldn't fuck another girl out of the club
I was Rodney Stuckey, wasn't givin my number up
You see I promise that the checks comin
Never thought that I'd withdraw them with the next woman
So either you don't believe in a nigga dreams
Or his scene, more foreseeable seeing he has cheese
Which is the root of all negative
The battery packs and any bitch you ever kiss
And men'll chase love
Bitches'll chase cheese
Women will make love to you just to take it from you
So let 'em chase love
Cuz you gon' chase cheese
And while you doin you
I'm glad that it ain't me
I said I'm glad that it ain't me

[Jean Grae:]
Know what?
We might be back in this baby
I'm not antagonistic
Forreal I'm aggravated that gon' abandon this shit
Bananas I'm thinkin' I am for plannin past statistics
My friends unanimous like "You niggas should call it quits"
Not even on the distance factor chicks who pick the rapper
Shit I'm the the rapper
Know the niggas quick to spit they yappers
It's interact of us
Shit in back of us
That we can't forget the past
Counting like an abacus
And sins we got
It may be not the same for you
We dig the plot and never bury pot
So anything do is everything to you
So everything was on the the things I do
Never wrong at any level
I'm the death of you?
And that's the cue
Now I gotta exit after you
You got the first word the last word and fuck it all my passwords
And that hurts
But not as bad as lookin' backwards wishin' that we hadn't been such of a damn disaster