Magnolia $limm talking:
What Up wit cha’ll niggaz ha? I got 1of tha’ most ruthless( and hoe I mean
deadly ya’ see)
boyz u could know, wit one of tha youngest killaz of all tyme ya understand
My peopla’z Yella & my lil bratha’Lil’ Doogie AKA Baby Gangsta !
Im’ here 2 tell ya’ bout dis pussy azz, 12th ward cheerleader name Mystikal

Yella Boy talking:
Or as we here out dat 3rd ward call’em Mysti-"HOE" boy!
$limm tell talk 2 em bout dis’ Big Boy BITCH ! Ha-bruh........

Magnolia $limm 1st verse:
Imma do like ol’Yella say and drag u to da’ river,
Ya’bitch what is u thinkin talk to me like u a killer "YOU A HOE"
Ya faggot weave wearin’ holl’n bout "Hear I go"
When B.Geezy walked up to yo car and punched ya in ya throat.
Now you screemin when ya rappin’, cocksucker gaurd cha’ grill
Cuzzin’ We bad on tha brown, Ya see how Michelle got killed..Knucca’Up !

B.G. 2nd verse:
Don’t fuck around wit me, I’m from uptown I’ll have U screamin "HELP"!
You come ’round half steppin’ best believe U gone get delt
Mystikal you’s a hoe - Its time I let U Know
My glock 45 got a boot camp foe U hoe
Uptown you bound 2 get yo wig split,I rep13 dats where I’m from U suck dick
Now dat’s a shame U rappin just to get a name
You cant survive in dis game ’cause yall niggaz lame.

Yella Boy 3rd verse:
See I’m Yella Boy tha man and I reps it well
Bitch its gone be Cash Money to send ya strait to hell
Tick tock of the week hour, shit gettin sour,Imma kill U ya’ fuckin coward
I gets down and dirty from that UPT, Mystikal ya’ bitch U gone R-I-P
Baby tell me Yella go on wit cha’ dogg azz
But Nolia $limm my witness whoodie, Dis Nigga N trouble.

B.G. talkin:
Dis a True Story nigga !!
I wanna holla at Baby and Suga Slim, DJ Mannie Fresh, and tha’whole
Cash Money Records family bitch foe tha ’93 ya heard me?
How U luvin’ dat one